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Eco Teethers

blogpost_ecoteethersTeething is a natural part of your baby’s growth and it can be difficult for everyone.  Teethers are great in aiding your baby’s discomfort, but it’s important to choose one that’s safe.  Traditional teethers can contain dangerous things like phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA), which are hormone disruptors linked to obesity, cancer, and early puberty.  They can also contain PVC Plastics which release toxic chemicals both during and after production.  The teethers pictured above are just a few Eco-friendly teethers that can provide your baby with the necessary comfort they need, while being environmentally conscious.  Enjoy!

  1. {Knitted Organic Cotton Teether – Bear at Eden Home}  This teether come in 3 styles – Bear, Bunny, and Elephant.  All are made from certified Organic and Natural Cotton.
  2. {Raz-Berry Teether at Right Start}  This teether is more about hygiene than Eco-friendly, but it’s worth sharing.  It’s made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone and it’s easy to hold.
  3. {KikkoEco Teether Hand by KikkoEco}  This teether is made from the biodegradable material known as, EcolGreen (made mostly of corn starch).  EcolGreen (by NatureWorks) is certified with the Eco-Label Stamp.
  4. {Sophie the Giraffe at The Land of Nod}  When squeezed, Sophie makes a happy sound and is non-toxic with a food based paint and natural rubber.  This toy is handmade in the French Alps.
  5. {Ringley Natural Teething Toy at kaikids}  This teether is handmade in Toronto, Canada and is a natural teething toy that combines two efficient teething materials: natural Canadian Maple and 100% Organic Cotton terry cloth. Baby can use it wet, dry, or frozen.  Comes in 2 styles – knotted or straight.
  6. {Bumble Bee Teether by Under the Nile at Nubius Organics}  Made from the finest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton and stuffed with 100% organic cotton.  Great to freeze.
  7. {Corn Starch Hand Teether at Inhabitat Shop} Made from a cornstarch-based eco-friendly plastic, EcolGreenBiodegradable and compostable.,

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  1. Nicole

    Love all of those toys! I make teething rings from wooden rings and fabric. Check them out at Etsy if you get a chance.



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