Feb, 12

{diy} {Valentine’s 1 of 7} Strawberries ‘n Cream Floats

It’s the first of February and that means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  To kick the month off right, I’ve prepared 7 lovely {diy} projects for you.  So, starting today through the 7th, I’ll post a daily {diy} in the name of love.

On that note, I  L O V E  root beer floats, so naturally I had to make a float for Valentine’s Day.  I came up with a Strawberries ‘n Cream float, and geez it’s yummy!  It’s so easy too, all you have to do is grab your favorite glass and add 3 large scoops of the creamiest Vanilla Bean ice cream that you can find (I like Dryer’s).  Then you slowly poor in your strawberry soda just below the brim, (I like Crush, but any brand will do).  Add a pretty straw and a spoon and there you have it!  It is so creamy and delicious and a perfect treat to share with the ones you love.

I also like to make cream soda floats (pictured above), orange ‘n cream floats, Coke floats, and Dr. Pepper floats.  What’s your favorite?  I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little recipe.  Stop by tomorrow for another lovely {diy}. ♥RobbieLee

5 Responses to “{diy} {Valentine’s 1 of 7} Strawberries ‘n Cream Floats”

  1. Blue Eyed Night Owl

    This looks amazing! What a fabulous idea! And such lovely pictures too<3

    It's pretty tough to get rootbeer around here, so I've only made a float once. This has definitely inspired me to try some other floats too though:)

    • RobbieLee

      Thanks Laura! Yeah, if Root Beer is hard to find where you are, any flavor of soda will do. Nom nom. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Jessica

    These look SO pretty 🙂 I am totally gonna try this! I love grape pop mmmm was thinking that might taste good too hehe.

  3. RobbieLee

    Oooooo! Grape pop would be so yummy with the creamy vanilla bean! Clever lady!



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