Jul, 09

DIY | Pet Pouches

I stumbled upon this blog post on the b-line this morning and thought that many of you would love it as much as I do!  It’s a DIY pet pouch that you can make and attach to your pups collar to hold things like your house key, a doggy-poo bag, etc. so you don’t have to carry it if you don’t have pockets.  I’m sure you can alter the size a tad to fit your lifestyle.  I don’t recommend ever putting a cell phone in a pouch around your dogs neck though.  It could be terrifying if it rang or vibrated while attached to them!  We don’t want our puppy-pals to be stressed out!  I think this is a fab project and it doesn’t seem to take much time at all. To make it a Green project, use some scrap fabric that you have laying around.  For example, an old t-shirt or old pair of funky PJ pants.

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  1. Amy

    Thanks for the mention, RobbieLee! That little pouch has gotten a lot of use since I posted the tutorial!


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