Sep, 09

Colors That Inspire {Orange}

Blogpost_OrangeItemsOrange is a great color to bring Fall in with, don’t you think?  It’s vibrant and warm with a whole lot of pizazz!  I’ve been very attracted and inspired by the color orange lately, so I thought that I’d share a few wonderful product that are drenched in this fabulous color!  Enjoy!

1.  This Fitted Stripe Crib Sheet at Giggle is made from 100% Organic Cotton.  It’s temporarily out of stock at the moment, but you can visit Giggle and they can email you when it’s back in stock.  I thought this was just too cute not to share.

2.  Meet Bob.  Bob is an Orange Odd Duck by Boon Inc. at Amazon.  He is PVC Free and air tight to avoid trapped wather and mold growth.

3.  I’m still not quite sure how I feel about glass baby bottles, but this sure looks great!  This LifeFactory Wee-Go Glass Baby Bottle can be found at OompaToys.

4.  This Fresco High Chair in Harvest Orange by Bloom is so sleek and modern for that baby that has everything.  It can be found at CSNBaby.  Best of all the seat moves to a laied back postion as well!

5.  This Silicone Baby Freeze Tray is the perfect way to freeze your baby’s food in the perfect sized portions.  The tray doesn’t absorb flavors and they say you can reheat the food in the same tray, but I only see this working if you have one portion left.  Otherwise you’d be re-heating all fo the portions at once, right?  Anyway, it’s a great idea!

6.  This Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Orange Nappy\Diaper Bag is a mouthful to say, however, it’s very durible with tons of pockets!  Best of all, it is a great stroller bag.  It can be found at Tots n Tales.  The price is pretty steep in this economy, but it’s still nice to dream.

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