Aug, 09

Cave of The Winds | Manitou Springs, CO

blogpost_caveofthewindsYesterday was my brother, Aaron’s, 16th Birthday and we went to The Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  We had such a blast on the Lantern Tour, because we actually had flame-lit lanterns as we walked through the pitch black caves.  It was so dark in fact, that when we blow out all of our lanterns and put all electronic devices away, we couldn’t even see our own hands right in front of our faces!  We saw so many great things together, like the endangered cave spider known as the Lampshade Spider, because it builds its web in the shape of a 3-D lampshade!  We also saw some Stalagmites (from the ground up), Stalactites (from the ceiling down), and of course some Cave Bacon!  Caves aren’t just holes in the Earth, they are living Eco-Systems just like a pond or field.  They are very much alive with flowing water, bats, spiders, and other insects.animals depending on the cave.  When cave-visiting, it’s important to remember to never touch the cave walls with your palms.  The oil on your skin actually stops the cave from growing!  So, if you have to hold on or catch yourself from falling, use your fist or arms instead.  So, if you’re ever in the Manitou Springs area, stop by The Cave of the Winds and enjoy an experience of a lifetime!

  1. Cave ceiling with Stalactites
  2. My mom, brother, and I in the Cave
  3. Lantern Tour Sign right before we entered the Main Cave
  4. More Stalactites
  5. Cave Bacon
  6. My brother crouching down as we walked through some tight spaces

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