Feb, 12

{a list of…} my favorite accessories

Hi there!  Today I wanted to share with you {a list of…} my favorite accessories (inspired by my interview with Tina, over at Be Bold.Be Beautiful).  These are my must haves and go-to’s:

→ Tights – in every color, thickness and style, please!
→ Earrings – because they really brighten you face, even on those days that you aren’t feeling so great.. like now… sniff sniff.
→ Hair Clips and Bows – because they’re so cute and so fun!
→ Flip Flops – Because, even though I live in Colorado, I still wear them year around.  Yes, I do.  So easy.
→ Perfume – Because to smell pretty, is to feel pretty.
→ Bold Belts – Nothing pulls together a nice outfit like a bold and bright belt!
→ My Camera – I have to take it every where, in case something special needs to be captured.
→ Mascara – It’s a girls best friend.
→ Toms – So comfy and for a great cause!
→ Clutch – I like to carry all of my basics in a pretty clutch and keep it in my big bag.  This way if I go out on the town, there is no switching and fussing.  Simply grab your clutch and go!

What are your favorite accessories that you just can’t live without?! ♥RobbieLee

2 Responses to “{a list of…} my favorite accessories”

  1. Blue Eyed Night Owl

    Lovely list! Recently I’ve grown to love perfumes again too, I’m currently very fond of Cacharel’s Scarlett:)
    And the clutch-in-bag idea is very clever!

    • RobbieLee

      I’ve never heard of Cacharel’s Scarlett. Sounds pretty!

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