Aug, 11

3 Year Wedding Anni!

Wow!  I really can’t believe that it has been 3 years, today, since I married the Mr.  Looking back, it truely was our dream wedding!  I have always loved weddings, but nothing compares to your own, really.  I remember a whirlwind of events and people swirling around me, but I was also able to focus on Ron and I joining lives forever.  It was a beautiful feeling.  I remember going into the day thinking to myself, “don’t cry too hard.”  When the time came to walk down the aisle with my mom on one arm and my dad on the other, I was shocked that only smiles came… no tears at all!  I was just so happy and excited to marry Ron, that there was no room for tears.  As I approached the alter, I realized my “tough” hubby-to-be was all teary-eyed.  Awwwww… it meant a lot to see him like that, because he doesn’t cry.  I knew at that moment that he loved me more than ever and I felt the same.  But why wasn’t I crying?!  I thought everyone would think that I was insensitive.  I had to quickly snap out of that mindset and focus, “I’m not crying because I too stinkin’ happy, that’s why!”  haha After that, I made sure to listen to all of the vows and everything around me.  I wanted to absorb that moment and remember it forever.  It was such a magical day and now each year I get to relive a piece of it over and over with him.

I have a surprise for Ron for our wedding anni, but it isn’t until this Sunday.  I’ll be sure to share it with you next week, as not to spoil the big event!

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