Oct, 09

26 Candles…

Blogpost_26BirthdayThat’s right, today I turn 26 years old and I can’t believe it.  The pictures above are from my very special Birthday Dinner at Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant.  My mom and brother treated me to my favorite soup and shrimp scampi, then my mom made a decedent Hummingbird cake with 3 layers of pure heaven and brought it to the restaurant!  It was great!  There were actually 26 candles on that cake and after making my wish and blowing out the flames, I thought the smoke detectors were going to go off… luckily they didn’t.  Below I’d like to share a few things that I like in honor of this splendid day!  Enjoy!

I like…

  • taking notes on pretty paper
  • writing letters to my friends and family (no, not emails, actual letters with a handwritten note and a stamp)
  • creating claymations
  • drawing, painting, crafting, sewing
  • video editing and graphic design
  • working on Chickiedee orders
  • watching my puppies and cat sleep
  • anything furry or sparkly… I just love glitter
  • ice water with lemon and sometime a Sweet n Low packet added in, delicious!
  • spending time at craft shows with my mom
  • spending time with my dad in the mountains
  • hanging with my younger siblings
  • when my husband brings home flowers for no reason at all
  • helping others when they least expect it
  • watching the groom while the bride walks down the aisle
  • showing kindness to people who are rude, and watching their attitude change because of my positive energy
  • being quarky and unique me!

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