Oct, 09

20 things to do this Fall…

  1. Dust and vacuum those “forgotten” places like the ceiling, corners, along the baseboards, behind doors, light and fan fixtures, behind your desk and computer, etc.
  2. Re-organize that bookshelf you’ve been meaning to get to.
  3. Paint a room for an instant update!
  4. Pull out those dusty candles and turn off all of those lights for an Eco night in.  It’s relaxing and it saves you money on your electricity bill.
  5. Change your air filter (every three months) to ensure that your air stays clean and your heater won’t short out on you this winter due to getting clogged up with dust bunnies.
  6. Bundle up and take a family walk for some quality time.
  7. Sort through that mail pile and separate into “file and keep” or recycle.
  8. Rearrange a room.
  9. Do you have a fireplace?  If so, call that chimney sweep and prepare for the cold!
  10. Start planning that Thanksgiving menu.
  11. Go through your closets and drawers to donate unwanted items to those who need them.  Coats and jackets would be great for this time of year!
  12. Who says that you can’t mix-n-match your sheet and bedding sets?!  You’ll be spending more time indoors this season, so spice things up!
  13. Buy some flowers that are on discount at you next grocery run and display them on you dining room table to brighten your space up.
  14. Give yourself a mini mani and pedi when the kids are napping.
  15. Dust behind the washer and dryer to prevent fires caused by those little dust bunnies.  This would also be a great time to get all of those loose socks and change that has fallen back there.
  16. Update those picture frames with more recent photos!
  17. Collect all of those wire hangers and return them to your dry cleaners for re-use or recycling.  DID YOU KNOW: “It takes over 100 years for wire hangers to break down in landfills, according to Bob Kantor, CEO of Hanger Network.”
  18. Collect all of that loose change and put it into your child’s piggy bank!
  19. Grow you hair out this Fall and Winter then cut it and donate it to Locks of Love to make wigs for children with cancer.
  20. Make a cup of hot tea, coffee, or coco and site back with you favorite magazine or book.  Relax.

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