Jul, 11

magazines coming out of my ears

I love to read magazines like I love to read picture-books.  I’m a creative, so naturally I’m very visual and that’s why I think I enjoy reading magazines so much.  I know getting magazines is not a “green” habit, but I’ve tried to read subscriptions online and it’s just not the same.  Page layout is an art-form and that paired with the smooth texture of the pages, really get me excited!  Not to worry though, just because I get magazines via mail, doesn’t mean that I just toss them into the garbage.  No no!  After reading these beauties, I go back through and tear out all of the recipes I want and all of the beautifully inspirational images and stories.  In addition, I also use some of the pages for crafty projects.  Once I’m through with them completely, I recycle them.

What started this post was when I looked over and saw my growing pile of un-read magazines!  I’m so behind, and if I don’t catch up, I’ll for sure be reading this summers editions in the Fall.  What I need is to take a small break with some tea and just read.  That’s not going to happen today, but maybe this weekend… (smile).

If you Google something along the lines of “Making Crafts out of Magazines” you can find some pretty nice projects.