Mar, 13

Brace Face

BraceFace1 BraceFace2 BraceFace3
So, today was the day.  Braces are on and the 9 month countdown has begun.  I decided to go with hot pink bands… to match my pants and scarf, of course!  Overall it was a pretty fast process to put them on, but I still need to get my baby tooth and all of my wisdom teeth pulled.  That part is not something that I’m looking forward to.  Other than the little cuts that have already begun to form on the inside of my lip, I’ve emBRACED them.  Eating and drinking are slow, but I’ll get the hang of this brace face soon.  Straws are my new best friend, along with a knife and fork to cut everything.  I’m off to take more ibuprofen for my sore teeth and to bed I go.  Have a great night!