Jul, 09

Apple Pie | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Mac usres will appreciate this one!  This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!  The people over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories are super clever and you have to appriciate the hard work that went into this awesome pie!  I wish I could make an Apple Pie like this one!

May, 09

Katelyn Simkins | Makeup & Hair Artist

Katelyn Simkins is an extremely talented hair and makeup artist based in Denver, Colorado.  You name it, she can do it.  Katelyn has won countless awards for her skill and passion.  She is so kind and easy to work with.  She listens to your wants and needs and delivers.  Bonus:  the makeup application is so lightweight and comfortable, it’s unreal!  So, if you’re getting married, going to Prom, or doing something big, contact her and she will blow your socks off!  She’s so professional and easy-going and she really knows the value of time.  Oh!  I’m on the verge of being obsessed with how amazing she makes my eyebrows look!  Yeah, she’s good.  Seriously, check her out!

Katelyn Simkins | Makeup & Hair Artist