Oct, 11

365 Self-Portraits {4-7/365}

Hello there!  Today is a very rainy day here in Central Colorado, and that’s the way I like it.  Gloomy and rainy days are when I feel my most productive, because I can sit down with a quilt and a hot drink while I craft or blog.  I’m off to an early start too, because I have a lot of new pieces to add to the shop!  (smile) I can’t wait to show them to you, so check back later tomorrow.

Before that though, here are self-portraits 4-7/365!!


Oct, 11

Personal Chanllenge: 365 Self-Portraits {1-3/365}

So, as you may know, I just celebrated my 28th Birthday on Saturday!  Yikes!  I can’t believe how each year seems to fly by faster than the next.  Don’t worry though, I’m enjoying every bit of it.

Last Friday I was browsing the Internet and I came across Elsie’s “5 Tips for Better Self Portraits.”  I was able to take so much from that post and I want to thank her for sharing.  In step 4, Elsie briefly touched on how she tried the 365 Self Portrait Challenge and it inspired me to try.  I know it will be hard to continuously think of fresh and creative ways to capture myself and what makes me unique, but I’m up for it.  I think it will only make my image captures that much better in the future.  Plus, it will be fun to see if I change at all in one years time.

I chose to start on my 28th Birthday this year (October 1st)… I thought it was fitting (smile).  So far, I have these three images.  Stay tuned for the next batch and wish me luck!