Nov, 11

Wedding Photo Booth

I took a break from all of my projects to browse some photos and stumbled upon this gem.  We spent much of that evening in the photo booth at our friends wedding reception, and there are many more of these.  There were so many props and such little time, how could we not!  Well, I better get back to work; if you have any funny photo booth photos or stories, please share. ♥ RobbieLee

Jul, 11

{photo friday} vol. 4 Smile Booth for Jess’ Bridal Shower

Eeeep!!!  Jess’ Bridal Shower went off without a hitch.  I think she had a fabulous time with the Smile Booth, doncha think?!

Jun, 11

It’s Friday!!

Geez, I’m so happy that it’s finally Friday!  This week has been looooooonnnggg.  Saturday will be jam-packed full of bridal shower things and lingerie shenanigans for my friend’s wedding and then Sunday will be spent wakeboarding at the lake!  Yay!

The Smile Booth Props are all made and ready to go, so I’ll show you those soon.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to share everything.  I’m even more excited because the Mr. said the props were “cute!”  This is huge, he does not throw that word around lightly. (smile)

Anyhoo, sorry for the short post, but I have a few other things to tend to before Saturday.  Have a lovely day!

Jun, 11

smile booth prep

So, this weekend is my friend’s Bridal Shower, and we have been planning it for over a month now!  It’s getting down to the wire and I’m wrapping up the Smile Booth.  I can’t share what I’ve made yet, I don’t want Jessica to see the finished product before her big party, but here are a few things from smilebooth.com that inspired me.  I’m not making anything like these, but I also thought it would be great to give a shout out to the smilebooth.com!

Apr, 11

Friday Love: Little Retreats

I stumbled upon this sweet little Photo Booth Prop Etsy Store today, and instantly fell in love!  Little Retreats has everything that you could ever want and need to make your Photo Booth a sweet success.

Seriously, how cute are these?!  I love how clean and simple each piece is.

These are perfect for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Movie!

Who doesn’t need a clown?

Visit Little Retreats Etsy Shop for many more little treats!