Sep, 11

{color crave} red berries

These beautiful berries are from our garden.  Obviously reds and greens compliment each other well, and that’s why I love this photo so much!  Sometimes the simplest things really are the most beautiful.  I think these colors could look great in a country-style kitchen.  What do you think?

Aug, 11

{color crave} Frankie

I’ve always loved color of any kind, especially color that pops!  I’ve always held onto the color values that I learned as a wee-one, and I’ve always understood color.  But it wasn’t until my college Color Theory course that I really started to pay attention to color and all that it has to offer.  I couln’t imagine a life without color.  It inspires me and keeps me focused.  For my love of color, I have decided to start a {color crave} series on my blog, basically breaking down some of my everyday photos.  My first one is of my pup, Frankie Li.  She is a beauty and she knows it.  She loves to pose for the camera, so it’s never hard to find a great shot.  I chose this photo because her baby-blues really pop and I think that is just the bees knees!  By breaking this photo down, i realized just how many colors she is made of.  I only displayed the main 5 though, because this would be a long post otherwise (smile).

Aug, 10

all things pink…

Pink seems to be catching my eye more and more these days!  Here are a few beautiful pink things that will hopefully brighten your day!

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