Aug, 13

{Life Lately} Week 15


Usually we go visit the house on Sunday’s, but this last Sunday, we were on vacation in Turks + Caicos to celebrate our 5 year wedding anni.  That’s right, 5 years!  It worked out nicely though, because the home-builders’ reps and contractor wanted to meet with us on Wednesday for the Electrical Walk-through.  It’s so important that we did this walk-through because they were able to show us where all of the wires and cables run to and from outlets, switches, light fixtures and tech ports.  We were encouraged to bring a camera and a video camera to film where both the wire and studs are for future reference, too, because you never know when you’ll need that info.  We also had a lot of our questions answered and made sure that a few things were being corrected on the order.  Things are really starting to come together and we were told that dry wall will be up by next week!  Things are rolling and we were finally given a Closing-Date of September 27th!!!  A month and a half more and then it’s officially ours.  I can’t believe it.  Oh, and the front porch rails are in!  Now we need to find a swing.


That silver material that you see there looks like metal, but it’s actually foam.  They explained that it helps the air circulate better once the insulation is put in.  It leaves a gap between the roof and the insulation.  We also learned that newer homes are better insulated all the way around, so we’ll be even more energy-efficient than we had thought.  Bonus!


We also learned that the pink, or sometimes orange foam, is used for both an insulator and a fire resistant barrier.  It’s found along the walls, outlets, switches and pipes.  I can’t tell you how nice and informative it was to have everything that we’ve been seeing explained to us.  We feel like we actually know what happening and why.


So, from what we understand, the drywall will be up soon, the extra windows will be put in and things will start to move a lot quicker.  From this point forward, we may not be able to go in every Sunday, so we will have to get the “okay” from the home-builder to ensure that’s it’s safe to enter the premises.  I’ll keep posting as things progress, though.  The Closing-Date is only and month and a half away, so we’re almost done!

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